Why renewable energy

Clean energy is the way of the future… Our Future

Why Native Utility-Scale Renewable Power Generation on North American Native Lands

In the United States, approximately, 76% of the US potential renewable energy generation capacity comes from the type of rural Utility-Scale Renewable Power Generation that Clear Rock will build and operate on Native Tribal Lands.

In the United States (not including Canada) Tribal renewable energy resources represent approximately 5% of all US renewable energy resource capacity – an estimated 9,083,993 MW, or a potential Tribal Generation of an estimated 21,631,785,869 MWh.

There were several US Federal, and there remain several Canadian Government Programs that encourage the development of renewable energy generation facilities on Native Lands, and in both countries these incentives require several large scale customers to purchase renewable electricity generated on Native Tribal Lands.

US Department of Energy (Grants) and Department of Agriculture Matching Loans

The U.S. Department of Energy supported a variety of energy-related projects on Native Tribal Lands that will have a long lasting positive impact on the development of tribal renewal energy.

Between 2010 and 2016, the US Department of Energy, Office of Indian Energy, issued more than $70 million in grants (matched by U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service loans) to 43 tribal renewable energy projects.

These federal grants and loans paid for studies and pre-development costs for various energy projects – Including, several projects currently in the CRSE Pipeline.

With these federal funds, several US Native Tribes assessed the feasibility of renewable energy installation and demonstrated the viability of installing renewable energy systems on tribal lands, as well as building the institutional capacity to manage their own energy needs. For more information about the DOE’s investment in tribal communities, see

Clear Rock plans to develop renewable energy projects on 15 separate sites throughout North America. The current aggregate annual electricity output of those proposed renewable energy projects is 4GW. These renewable energy projects are referred to as the CRSE Pipeline. Each Renewable Energy Development Project will go through a rigorous vetting process in order to meet our investment and our lenders’ financing criteria.

Why renewable energy

Clean energy is the way of the future… Our Future

Our Work

Clear Rock builds renewable energy facilities, in conjunction with federally recognized Native Tribes and other indigenous peoples, throughout North America.

Each renewable energy facility will be built on federally recognized Tribal Lands.

With the assistance of the prodigious expertise of our co-development partners, affiliates, and consultants, in building and operating renewable energy facilities, Clear Rocks operates three related renewable energy businesses:

• Renewable Energy Facility Development, Finance and Construction;
• Independent Renewable Power Production (IPP); and
• Facility Operations and Maintenance.

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